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How a teacher became a job coach

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Once there was a teacher who loved to teach, and then kaa-boom! the economy exploded and teaching jobs went flat. Determined to do what he needed to do, the teacher said to himself, well, I need to find a job. Wait, he said, I know how to find jobs, I know how to build relationships with people, and help people with their job searches. I know about social media, resumes, interviews, and as a person who has a disability I’m uniquely qualified to work with job seekers with disabilities! Gee, I think I’ll be a consultant and try to make my own job!

That was last September. 

Hello digital world. My name is Steve McEvoy, principal and founder of McEvoy Access Consulting.  I was born with a mild case of cerebral palsy. You wouldn’t know it unless I told you. I have an MA from Teachers College, Columbia University, speak Spanish proficiently, and love to help people, whether they have disabilities or not get jobs. In my former life I was a dual certified (special education and general education 7-12 social studies teacher in NYC, and as mentioned above the economy went boom, and my career went splat! Enough about that.  If you’re unemployed, miserable in your job, or a recent college grad who has no idea what to do, this is the place for you 

How did I develop these skills? I LOVE to talk, build relationships with others, learn from them, build people’s confidence and teach them how to succeed in the workplace and in life. through having cp, I’m very sensitive to the needs of people with disabilities, but in reality, my clients have come from all walks of life, and in fact, I feel very strongly that lack of confidence, and the depression that comes from long-term unemployment and unfulfilling employment are often much more severe than my own disability. 

So where do I come in and why am I entering cyber-space? 

I love to teach people how to take control of their employment outcomes and their lives, and I have a passion for connecting people with others to help them get where they need to go as fast as possible.

It’ll be a place with written content, media content, and most importantly, methods that work. I’ll cover everything in the job search process from identifying



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